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A Note from the HOA Board - Volunteers

The Island Club community stands out on the Barrier Island as an exceptionally well managed and attractive community with unusually low HOA fees. This is a result of the efforts of those who have devoted their time and management skills in various positions within our HOA. Some individuals have volunteered for up to eight years to maintain this unique place among other HOA’s on the island.

In order to continue to remain one of the most desired communities on the island to live we are going to need our homeowners to step up and participate in the management of our HOA either as a board or committee member. As of this writing there are no major issues that have created dissension within our administration. This has created a level of comfort here that is not normally enjoyed by HOA administrators. The functioning of our HOA is relatively smooth and not normally burdened by superfluous issues.

I am asking our homeowners to do their part to continue to ensure that our community remains an attractive place to reside. Assisting in the management of our community is well within the capability of the majority of our residents. Assess your capabilities, identify a position within our HOA and contribute to the continued comfortable atmosphere we all enjoy. We should all do our share.


Bill Jeffrey, V.P. HOA Board

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