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Rezoning the 19.6 Acre Parcel of Land North of Island Club Manor to RS-3

The 19.6-acre parcel of land just north of Island Club Manor was purchased by Premier Citrus LLC in 2004, at that time the property was zoned as Agricutural-1. The property was originally a citrus grove; however, it has not been actively managed as a grove for a considerable amount of time.

In April 2022 Island Manor Development LLC purchased the property from Premier Citrus LLC, their intent is to build larger homes on bigger lots. The property has deeded right of way access from Island Club Manor* which is owned by the Island Club community. Island Manor Development LLC has had two review meetings with the County concerning their plans for the community; the County has identified a significant number of issues that need to be resolved before final plan approval. Re-zoning the property is a step required in order for larger homes to be built on bigger lots.

The County also requires Island Manor Development LLC to have an operating agreement with Island Club concerning sharing the costs and maintenance for Island Club Manor. A draft of that agreement has been submitted to Island Manor Development LLC, at some point we will finalize the terms and conditions of that agreement.

The Board would prefer that the property never be developed; however, that is unrealistic. The Board supports the re-zoning of the property from Agricutural-1 to RS-3 Single Family Residential so that a low-density community can be built. The Board supports this rezoning because if this rezoning is not approved it is possible that the property could be sold to an entity that would want to build a higher density community on that site.


   *See also Section 4 of Article II of the Island Club Amended Declaration of CCRs (through December 10, 2020) which further describes the easement agreement affecting Island Club Manor.



The Island Club Board


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